Prices and Clinic info

If you would like to find out more about the complementary therapies that I provide please contact me.

Bowen Technique Therapy £37 (1 hour). Please allow up to 1¼ hours for the first appointment. Under 14s half price. It is important that you receive the treatments that you need. If the cost would be a barrier to you please contact me to discuss possible concessions.

Spinal Touch £35 (45 minutes – 1 hour)

Facial Reflexology £37 (1 hour)

Zone Face Lift £42 (1 hour)

Facial Cupping (using soft silicone cups) £25 (30 minutes)

Swedish Body Massage:

Full body Massage including head and face £47 (1 ½ hours)

 Full Body Massage (not including head and face) £37 (1 hour)

Back, neck and shoulder massage £26 (30 minutes)

Back, face and scalp massage £26 (30 minutes)

 Back, neck, shoulder and backs of legs £32 (45 minutes)

Hands, feet and scalp massage £26 (30 minutes)

Foot and leg massage £26 (30 minutes)

Face, neck and shoulder massage £26 (30 minutes)

Reflexology £37 (1 hour)

Hand Reflexology (including massage to the arms) £37 (1 hour)

Indian Head Massage £23 (30 minutes), £28 (45 minutes) or £35 (1 hour)

Rejuvenating Face Massage / Natural Lift Face Massage £25 (30 minutes) or £35 (1 hour)

Spiritual Energy Healing £28 (40 minutes), £35 (1 hour)

Tuning Fork Sound Healing £35 (1 hour)

Reiki £35 (1 hour)

Distant Healing £25 (30 minutes), £30 (45 minutes).

Natural Facials using natural and holistic products. Includes facial massage  £37 (1 hour)

Face and/or Scalp Massage (as an addition to any of the therapies above) £10 (15 minutes)

Hand or Foot Massage (as an addition to any of the therapies above) £10 (15 minutes)

I can often tailor your treatment according to your needs to please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Please allow 15 mins extra time for first treatment.

To make an appointment please contact me on 01823 338 382 or 07914 223 317

Clinic Locations:

I work from my home in Taunton where there is free on street parking:

I also work at:

Naturalife Wholefoods
28 Bridge Street 

Bowen Therapist Somerset